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Our mission and purpose is to help you reach your fullest God-given potential through the principles of Chiropractic and the 5 Foundations of Health. That translates into helping you understand how you can unlock, support and encourage your body’s own healing intelligence, and also to understand why traditional Western approaches to health may not be the best approach to achieving the natural balance your body seeks.

Our trained professional staff can help you discover the causes of conditions that prevent you from living the life you were intended to live. Your body is fully capable of healing itself and resisting illness and disease. We believe that by creating the proper environment, your body can not only survive, it can thrive!

Dr. Chris Murphy, Kennewick Chiropractor

Dr. Chris Murphy


I am the Clinical Director of NewEdge Wellness Center, the host of “The Dr. Chris Show” on ACN radio, voice of the Happy Healthy Hormones podcast, and an international best-selling author.

I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West, my undergraduate degree from Central Washington University and numerous other credentials in natural and holistic forms of health care. I am diverse in many chiropractic and holistic health techniques and find it beneficial to fit the patient to the technique, not the technique to the patient. I have found that being under chiropractic care allows for properly functioning nervous system and therefore allows the body the ability to heal itself optimally.

I was born and raised in the Columbia Basin, and had the dream of one day giving back to my community through restoring family’s health and giving hope to families where it was previously lost. During my career I have found joy participating in medical and chiropractic mission throughout the world. I serve locally by giving free chiropractic care to the residents of the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission.


Outside of the office I love spending time with my wife doing things like outdoor excursions, snowmobiling, skiing, and traveling to various locations around the world.

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"The 5 Foundations of Remarkably Healthy People" 

(An Easy Guide to Restore Your Health, Lose Weight and Feel Great)


Kennewick Chiropractor

Katie Hirai

Chiropractic care has been the gift that keeps giving for me! I have had extensive surgeries in the past that left me with chronic headaches, neck and back pain and host of other issues that I had no clue where being caused by damage to my nervous system! It truly has improved the quality of my life! When I had the opportunity to work at NewEdge Wellness Center I jumped at the chance to help others experience the gift that I received.


I enjoy spending time with my husband Brad and children, Kylie and Brayde. Both kids attend college, so we are adjusting to being empty nesters! We are a family that loves camping, and Baseball! You will find us on a baseball diamond Spring through Summer!

Kennewick Chiropractor

Melinda Reid

I am so privileged to be a part of such an extraordinary chiropractic and wellness team that takes special care of every member like they are family! Before I became a team member, I was suffering from debilitating lower back pain and digestive issues. It was so bad that I thought I would have to have surgery or be on medication the rest of my life which was something I was not even close to considering. Through the teams guiding principles of TRUE nutrition, extensive knowledge of chiropractic care, a digestive protocol and the 5 foundations lifestyle eating plan, I am happy to say I am virtually pain free!

My desire in my position at New Edge Wellness is to continue with a servant’s heart. I strive to bless and give back to our members what I have experienced, and to share the healing power of chiropractic! When I’m not here with my NewEdge family I’m spending time around my own family making memories.